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Our apologies: 2020 B.C. Recruits delayed until later this week

NORTH DELTA — Apologies loyal readers of Varsity Letters.

When we say something we aim to deliver, however due to a poorly planned work schedule on my part, the addition of an unplanned extra writing assignment this week, and the advancement of your author’s age, the posting of our 2020 B.C. Recruits List won’t take place until this coming week.

On the flip side, response regarding the submission of names in this time of pandemic has been much stronger than anticipated, and with the help of you, as well as the unsung heroes of university sports in our country — our Sports Information Directors — the 15th annual edition of the B.C. Recruits List will be one of our best ever.

Summer hiatus beckons, but there are still a few loose ends left to tie up in what has been a challenging 2019-20 season of high school and university sports in our province.

Thanks for hanging in.

Howard Tsumura

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