It's been a long time coming for Riverside senior girls volleyball, but on Friday, Lauren Way (left), Emily Wezeman and the rest of the AAAA No. 1-ranked Rapids play host to the prestigious Red Serge Invitational at the PoCo school. (Photo property Riverside athletics 2021. All Rights Reserved)
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Red Serge Volleyball: As 2021’s re-start season hits its stretch drive, PoCo’s Riverside Rapids let it flow, B.C. Quad-A No. 1 team hosts its annual classic!

PORT COQUITLAM — The Red Serge Invitational is always a huge deal on the B.C. senior girls high school volleyball calendar.Yet this time around, with its return to play following last year’s cancelled season scheduled for this Friday and Saturday, the anticipation is almost palpable at the longtime host school.“Oh man, it’s been two years, […]

Victoria's Belmont Bulldogs swept to first place at last weekend's Red Serge Invitational in PoCo. (Photo by Paul Yates property of Vancouver Sports Pictures)
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B.C. girls Top 10 volleyball rankings: Tweedy, PA Breakers, host Riverside make late-season charge at Red Serge invitational

PORT COQUITLAM — B.C.’s two-time defending AAAA champion Belmont Bulldogs pushed their record to 46-3 Saturday with win over Surrey’s Pacific Academy Breakers in the final of the Red Serge Invitational. As part of a 7-0 weekend in PoCo, it kept the ‘Dawgs firmly rooted at the top of its tier’s Top 10 rankings.

North Vancouver's Handsworth Royals take a B.C. AAAA No. 4 ranking into the Red Serge Invitational beginning Friday at Port Coquitlam's Riverside Secondary. (Photo by Howard Tsumura property of
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B.C. girls high school volleyball: It’s Red Serge Week in PoCo! Plus full rankings and tourney finishes

LANGLEY — A gold-medal finish at its own invitational tournament keeps Victoria’s two-time B.C. champion Belmont Bulldogs atop the provincial Top 10 AAAA world according to the Top 10 polls released Thursday by the ranking committee of B.C. Girls High School Volleyball Association.