Just nine days after facing each other in a pivotal Game 6 of the 1958 NBC Finals, Boston's Bob Cousy (left) and St. Louis' Bob Pettit opposed each other on the floor at UBC's War Memorial Gymnasium as part of the league's 21-game tour of non-NBA cities. Vancouver was the tour's only Canadian stop. (Photos copyright NBA Photo Library/NBAE via Getty Images. All Rights Reserved)
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A Sunday Read: In 1958, UBC hosted the greatest group of NBA talent in B.C. history! Here’s how 15 future Hall of Famers hit the parquet at War Memorial Gym!

VANCOUVER — Cloudy, sunny periods, scattered showers, and a chance of … a lifetime.Excuse my indulgences today as I supplement the weather forecast of a certain spring day here almost 63 years ago because through the gift of hindsight, it all seems especially apropos.April 21, 1958.That’s the day on which perhaps the most amazing collection […]

B.C. high school boys basketball historian Ken Winslade, whose carefully catalogued archives make up the majority of the BCHSBBA's 75th anniversary hoops museum at the Langley Events Centre, poses in front of the team photo of his own high school team, New Westminster's 1956 B.C. champion Lester Pearson Mikes. (Photo by Gary Ahuja property of Langley Events Centre 2020. All Rights Reserved)
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B.C. boys high school basketball museum opens at LEC! Photos, memorabilia celebrate 75 years of provincial champions

LANGLEY — Fans making the rounds at the Langley Event Centre beginning Wednesday at the B.C. Boys High School Basketball Championships will get a chance to see the province’s best teams in action at four different tiers of competition.Yet in this, the Diamond Anniversary of the B.C.’s most tradition-laden and documented provincial championship tournament, there […]