G.W. Graham head coach Jake Mourtizen finds his wife Sarah, the school's head girls basketball coach, for a post-game embrace after his team's win over the Duchess Park Condors. (Photo by Paul Yates property of Vancouver Sports Pictures 2020. All Rights Reserved)
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A Sunday Read: As G.W. Graham Grizzlies win first B.C. title, its emotional coach Jake Mouritzen admits: “…I still don’t really understand what’s happening”

LANGLEY — This is a story about reaching that moment in life where everything and everyone you love the most has come together with such dreamlike precision that no matter how hard you train your focus, all the edges remain a blur.“I can’t explain it,” Jake Mouritzen says with elated exhaustion in a voice so […]

Duchess Park's standout Grade 11 Caleb Lyons led his team to a win over Walnut Grove in the opening round of the 2019 Tsumura Basketball Invitational last month at the LEC. Lyons is back this week with the rest of the Triple-A No. 2-ranked Condors of Prince George for the 2020 STMC Chancellor Invitational. (Photo by Howard Tsumura property of VarsityLetters.ca 2019. All Rights Reserved)
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STMC’s Chancellor 2020: With no talk of rankings allowed, PG’s No. 2-ranked Duchess Park Condors take a business trip to Burnaby

BURNABY — One week into the new year, and Jordan Yu is happy to report that the Duchess Park Condors have been resolute on their latest resolution.“We’ve stopped talking about rankings and championships,” Yu said Tuesday afternoon from Prince George, breaking the silence for a brief second to make an important point one day ahead […]