St. George's Jerric Palma scored a game-high 25 points Wednesday to lead Saints past Vancouver College at the Dragon's Lair. (Photo by Bob Frid property of St. George's athletics 2019. All Rights Reserved)
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St. George’s shakes off freakish free-throw funk, Palma leads No. 8 Saints past No. 3 Vancouver College Fighting Irish

VANCOUVER — The most important home game of their season almost became too big a moment for the St. George’s Saints on Wednesday night.

St. George's Saints guard Jerric Palma (right) has carried the load over his Grade 11 season and on Wednesday faces the Vancouver College Fighting Irish. (Photo courtesy Jon Hayduk/St. George's athletics)
Feature High School Boys Basketball

Jerric Palma: Tipping the scales through tenacity, St. George’s plucky guard has learned to carry his weight for the Saints

VANCOUVER — In the time reserved for preparation, those quiet pre-game moments where each player is left to his own devices, Jerric Palma finds a place where he can bring his heart and mind together in a single, perfect sphere.