Riverside's Avery Sussex (left) and Riverside's Grace Bradshaw turned in two of reporter Howard Tsumura's most impressive moments over the course of the BC senior girls high school basketball championships. And none of them had anything to do with statistics. (Photos by Wilson Wong and Garrett James property of Langley Events Centre, TFSE 2024. All Rights Reserved)
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The story of Grace and Avery: On a red-letter day for BC girls hoop, two high school seniors show, through their incredible selflessness, why our great game has never stopped doing what it does best!

LANGLEY — There is a good case to make for Saturday’s menu of four B.C. senior girls basketball provincial championship finals as the stuff which constitutes the greatest single day in the history of the girls high school game in this province.The Double-A, Triple-A and Quad-A games were all decided by six points, each characterized […]

Riverside guard Avery Sussex led her team past Kiera Pemberton and the Walnut Grove Gators in last season's B.C. Quad-A final at the LEC. (Photo by Blair Shier property of Vancouver Sports Pictures 2023. All Rights Reserved)
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Avery Sussex and the Big Dance: How an amazing high school debut at Riverside foretold a career of dominance, and a chance to forge an unforgettable Rapids’ finish!

PORT COQUITLAM — The basketball court is the place where Avery Sussex has shown her heart from the very start.It’s also the place where it’s been impossible to miss the fact that she’s had her guile for a while.Very few players ever make the kind of debut that Sussex did, when as a 10th grader […]

Burnaby Central's Ankita Chopra (left) and Riverside's Rae Roycroft gt all tied up during Fraser North Quad-A championship game played Feb. 18, 2024 at Simon Fraser University. (Photo by Howard Tsumura property of Varsity Letters 2024. All Rights Reserved)
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Fraser North Quad-A final: After Riverside tops Burnaby Central in zone title clash, here’s 5 Things You Need to Know about the Rapids, the Wildcats and the best current rivalry in B.C. girls high school basketball!

BURNABY — The countdown is now on to the tip-off of the 2024 B.C. senior girls basketball championships, and at the largest Quad-A tier, Sunday evening’s marquee Fraser North zone championship game clash which saw the Riverside Rapids defeat the Burnaby Central Wildcats 82-72 was a reminder of one simple fact.In year where there has […]

His gold medal moment! After a quarter century of leading Riverside senior girls basketball and on and off the court, Paul Langford, 66, snipped the final stitch at the Langley Event Centre's Centre Court, claiming the spoils of victory. (Photo by Wilson Wong 2023. All Rights Reserved)
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Riverside 70 Walnut Grove 52: How looking past the obvious and thinking outside the coaching box helped Sussex & Rapids beat Pemberton & Gators for the 2023 B.C. girls Quad-A hoops title!

LANGLEY — The hardest thing to do this season in the B.C. girls high school basketball world was to avoid concentrating on the obvious.And as so many coaches around this province would ultimately discover, paying too much defensive attention to perhaps the greatest scorer to ever grace our midst was ultimately not the answer to […]

Commanding the court, Riverside's Grade 11 point guard Avery Sussex contends with Burnaby Central's Vobia Salome during Day 3 Final Four action at the B.C. senior girls high school basketball championships. (Photo by Blair Shier property of Vancouver Sports Pictures 2023. All Rights Reserved)
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Just call her Little Magic! Like LA Lakers famed 1980 Finals switch, Riverside point guard Sussex posts up, turns tide as Rapids top Burnaby Central for finals date with Gators!

LANGLEY — If you’ve watched Riverside Rapids’ point guard Avery Sussex for any amount of time over her senior varsity basketball career, you can’t help but be struck by the level of versatility and adaptability she brings to the fore as her team’s feisty point guard.And at no time over her career has that versatility been […]

Both Walnut Grove's Kiera Pemberton (9) and Luisa Buonarroti converge on Riverside's Avery Sussex on Saturday night in the TBI Super 16 final at the Langley Events Centre. (Photo by Ryan Molag property Langley Events Centre-TFSE 2022. All Rights Reserved)
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A SUNDAY READ: How a scorer for the ages and the cast of B.C.’s No. 1 team produced a classic Tsumura Basketball final! Here’s to Riverside, Walnut Grove and the incomparable Kiera Pemberton!

No. 1 RIVERSIDE 73 No. 2 WALNUT GROVE 68By Howard TsumuraLANGLEY — Saturday night’s championship final of the showcase Super 16 bracket here at the Tsumura Basketball Invitational produced not only a worthy champion, but yet another reminder that we are in the midst of what might be the most dominant individual streak of scoring […]