The big floor is in at the LEC's Arena Bowl and the big games begin Wednesday at the B.C. senior boys basketball championships. (Photo by Howard Tsumura property of Varsity Letters 2023. All Rights Reserved)
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Let the madness begin! Plot your four days of B.C. senior boys basketball heaven at the LEC! As we prep for a Wednesday top, here’s all four Sweet 16 draw in hi-res format!

LANGLEY — Fun to take a peak inside at Arena Bowl on Sunday afternoon at the Langley Events Centre.

The floor is in and the anticipation begins for tip-off to the 2023 B.C. senior boys basketball championships.

Hope you’ll visit and re-visit here as you plan your schedule around the action with the draw from all four tiers — from 4A to 1A — right here.

Many have let us know that it’s tough to read the small print, so we’ve included larger file sizes here with the hope that you can expand the information on your screen better without losing clarity.






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