Hard to forget these Titans. Grade 11s Alex Sol (left) and Malachi Emerson (right) provide book-end congratulations to senior Jacob Sol who for the second season in a row, scored the game-winning goal for Langley Fundamental in the B.C. senior boys AA soccer championship final. (Photo by Wilson Wong property of UBC Thunderbirds 2018. All Rights Reserved)
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B.C. Boys AA Soccer 2018: Grade 11 Titans grow up fast to make Langley Fundamental’s repeat feat complete

BURNABY β€” Back in 2017, Jacob Sol was the underclassman whose heroics helped his older teammates put a gold-medal finish on their schoolboy soccer careers.

Langley Fundamental's Jacob Sol is the picture of elation after scoring his second goal of the match Wednesday in the Titans' BC AA title-clinching win over Victoria's SMUS Blue Jags at Burnaby Lakes. (Varsity Letters photo by Howard Tsumura)
Feature High School Boys Soccer

Fantastic Fundamentals! First-half barrage carries Langley Fundamental’s Titans to B.C. AA soccer crown

BURNABY β€” It’s hard to nurse a case of the jitters for very long when a substitute makes his way onto the pitch in the biggest game of the season and promptly scores a goal to open the floodgates.