On the other side of the world, some 11,000 kilometres away from their childhood home in Syria, Sir Charles Tupper Tigers' senior Mohammed Suliman (right) found reason to embrace his Grade 11 brother Ahmad during a recent Vancouver Tier 1 rugby match against Point Grey. (Photo by Howard Tsumura property of VarsityLetters.ca 2019. All Rights Reserved)
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At Sir Charles Tupper, rugby’s welcoming scrum provides needed refuge for three Syrian youths building new lives in a new country

VANCOUVER — In the midst of a melee of mud and pelting rain, Mohammed Suliman still made sure he was the first to find his younger brother Ahmad on the rugby pitch.

With teammate Wilson Huynh in support, Trew Petersen (right) of Vancouver's Sir Charles Tupper Tigers plays hard-hitting defence against the West Vancouver's Collingwood Cavaliers on Thursday in the Lower Mainland AA New Zealand Shield final at Brockton Oval. (Photo by Howard Tsumura property of VarsityLetters.ca)
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Charles Tupper Tigers: East Van’s last high school rugby program makes a stand, shows its pulse with New Zealand Shield appearance

VANCOUVER — Ray Dear and George Voros had an experience nearly 42 years ago which was impactful enough that last Thursday afternoon, each had found reason to be leaning up against the fencing surrounding one side of the pitch at Stanley Park’s Brockton Oval.